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Kidnap Tyranny Updates

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U.S. Northwest Airlines racial profiling attack spawns Cross Border Kidnap Ploys Upon Our Canadian Family Meant to Silence Our voices of Protest*: Summary Reports Follow:Original Racial Profiling Assault *Summary Account up to first Kidnap Attempt *Political Macrocosm Analysis of Our Ordeal *Abduction Attempts Continue *U.S. Says Kidnapping is LEGAL!! *Court Documents for Review *Targeted by the FBI and CIA-an overview *Targeted by the FBI/ Judicial tyranny *FBI's Collusion with Dept Justice re Judicial Tyranny *Holding Government Accountable
;FBI Asset/P.I.Steven C. Davis Swears Affidavit Before Washington Attesting to FBI's Complicity in Unlawful Abduction Ploys

*Threatening email copied John McCain sent our family from FBI *Corporate ties between McCain Bush Admin. & Northwest Air;  Further McCain/NWA Corporate ties;    Journalist Chris Andre of KBOO Radio Targeted by agencies for speaking out on our ordeal    KBOO reporter Chris Andre's original report on Government's destruction of our original website and kidnapping ploy thereafter!


In the seeking out of truth often one encounters many uncomfortable moments- moments that give rise to occasion for reflection on one's own concept of reality -what is true and what is false- Often a time those values and beliefs one holds dearest can be challenged at their most fundamental of levels and one is left with the choice to either bury head in the sand or accept the change and shift in paradigm and global perspective such new awareness brings. Our family for one,has gone through no less than monumental shift in paradigm with the stark revelation that Canada is not the country we once thought we knew- that it has become a backwater/Blackwater* dumping ground and geopolitical/corporate slave to U.S. oligarchical militancy and venues for global conquest - otherwise known as ''The War on Terror''. Even as native-born Canadian citizens, Canada would not protect us from the onslaught of U.S. statism-driven barbarianism,leaving us bereft to the vices of kidnap and torture, while many public figures within the Harper government and Canadian office including Peter MacKay himself, have had very dubious parts to play in a fiasco centered about my unlawful politically motivated abduction and targeting of our family that has culminated in the psychological and emotional torture and torment we have collectively endured now 5 years ongoing. As such, we would welcome the opportunity to share this and other truths to the masses, many of whom as yet remain blind and deaf to the trepidations humanity has suffered as product of politically crafted social engineering; It is our hope-and faith-that in the sharing of these truths, that we can all benefit and grow within our mutual awareness consciousness and collective understanding while replacing from about ourselves the chains of hate repression and decadence with the ribbons of freedom and compassion for others as human beings that only such understanding can bring.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


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Our Main web page:
Summary Account
; Original Profiling Attack
KIDNAPPING "click"ATTEMPTS CONTINUE ! < > U.S. Says Kidnapping Is legal!
Threatened by FBI in association with John McCain & Republican Party 's Notoriety ; Targeted for ABDUCTION as meant To Silence our online Protest of a racial Airline Profiling upon our persons upon Northwest-an airline that has been sued successfully by the ACLU for its notorious racial profiling practices and having deep rooted political connections with McCain as John McCain's official RNC election airline carrier (2nd reference here*) and as per Northwest Airlines former CEO Fred Malick as McCain's 2008 election campaign Co-chair (relationship map click here) the racially bigoted Republican Party (watch video) (as per John McCain's race hate campaign of 2008).
Email threatening our family received from FBI AGENT STEVEN C. DAVIS copied to attention JOHN MCCAIN amidst attempts upon our family's abduction! -

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Press Release Part 4 of 6

U.S. Airline Racial Profiling Attack on Canadian Citizens Spawns Unlawful/Covert Cross Border Kidnapping Ploys in Canada on behalf of U.S. through local policing agencies.

Press release Part 4 of 6 - U.S. profiling attack spawns abduction ploys in Canada (see Part 2 of 4 for our Summary report attachment)
Our affidavits:#1,#2; (click to go to our affidavits.)

Winnipeg Police /LERA Kidnapping Collusion- Winnipeg Police deny intent to abduct on the same day that LERA (law enforcement review agency) refuses to assist our family! (Aug 13 2008) even as the attempts upon my abduction continue!

Minister of Justice David Chomiak's Collusion with Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill: When we filed complaint with the Minister of "Justice" he deflected our complaint back into the hands of the Winnipeg Police and the offending division (11) responsible for working with Chief McCaskill to the advent of my abduction to the United States! Agent Davis admits to having spoken at length with David Chomiak in his FBI affidavit!-click here;
Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill is president of Northwest Chapter of associates FBI as per his BIO:

Our attorney sends letter of warning to all* sergeants in the Winnipeg Police force including Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill, warning police they will be charged and prosecuted if attempting my abduction to the United States <CLICK>
Threats re abduction & U.S. marshals made upon my mother* and in Winnipeg Police notes

TERROR FRAME UP ATTEMPT VIA FBI AND POLICE: Police and FBI create extremist websites and retroactively embed the URL of one of our former primary websites into the header in attempt to implicate our family with threats upon Canadian and U.S. officials- (used as attempt to manufacture synthetic malicious evidence for purpose of building case against me in the United States in the event of a successful attempt upon my abduction. -
Referring Links re Terror Frame up: (scroll up slightly to highlighted section#2 when you go to this html link please also see the following live active links as forensics evidence: (#1(click), #2(click), (#3 click) ) ; pdf; this online subterfuge and knavery took place only 1 month prior to the original attempt upon my abduction. The first attempt at my abduction via local "Police" failed due to the presence of our journalist Lesley Hughes who has done article and radio interview with us over the years. Police excuse "We thought there was an outstanding disturb peace allegation against James but now we realize it has expired" (a disturb peace allegation is insufficient grounds to conduct a home arrest- no less a home invasion - multiple threats upon my abduction were issued to me by police while I was held 12 hours without food or water in solitary confinement that day (October 27 2007), and upon my release police threatened they would "be back for me next week". I spent the greater part of the election year forced into hiding in extreme and remote locations cut off from family.

Nefarious background of FBI agent Steven Davis

Same FBI names found in threatening Winnipeg Police notes as were found in FBI agent Davis' FBI Affidavit attesting to secret dealings between FBI and Winnipeg Police to the advent of my abduction. <here-click>

Summary/ FBI's persecution upon our family.

Threats we received from the FBI on our youtube and blogger accounts in the months prior to the initial attempt upon my abduction:

Cyber Threats:
FBI Cyber Threats Agent Rensch:

Press Release- for Dan Blakely

U.S. Airline Racial Profiling Attack on Canadian Citizens Spawns Unlawful/Covert Cross Border Kidnapping Ploys in Canada on behalf of U.S. through local policing agencies.
Contents of This Post:
Threatening email from FBI agent Davis threatening our family as copied to John McCain seen further below

Ties between Northwest Airlines (Airline on which my mother and I were attacked) and John McCain- republican Party candidate nominee for U.S. presidential election of 2008. <McCain Northwest Air Fred Malick Bush ties -relationship map<click> -Muckety.mht
Northwest Air Supporting McCain- Nuclear Weapons ad bans at MN Airport via Clear Channel.

McCain attacks bloggers- bloggers not safe: (if link does not activate please paste into url field)

"Northwest Air Sends Goon Squads to Silence Cyber Critics"
(if link does not activate please paste into url field of browser)

Northwest Airlines racial profiling & KKK Scandal
The following communication from FBI agent Davis is authentic and can be confirmed also through contact of Paul Verge ( journalist Lesley Hughes Canadian Dimension magazine (leslelyhughescanada(at) who has done preliminary article on our ordeal,
Michelle Gross, president of MN Communities United Against Police Brutality, and many others.
see also and summary evidence of being targeted by numerous members of the alphabet agencies (FBI CIA etc) here<click>

THREATENING EMAIL (directly below) FROM FBI THREATENING US AGAINST JOHN MCCAIN FBI agent Steven Davis (, , )first threatened me by phone against his “good friendship with John McCain” in the context of threats upon my abduction, on or about Feb14/08, while I was forced into remote retreat and undisclosed location, on account of surreptitious unlawful attempts upon my kidnapping by criminally charged Winnipeg Police acting on behalf of hate based U.S. factions including FBI CIA and Minneapolis Police.Amidst expressed ploys unto my abduction and murder, FBI agent Steven Davis stated, “There are 75 FBI agents currently monitoring your website- we are eagerly working with the Canadian Government to see about your rendition to the United States. You should know- I have a very good friendship with John McCainit would be a shame if anything were to happen to your mother(threats upon my mother and I have been found in Winnipeg Police notes as well as reference to U.S. Marshals, abduction and FBI.) He would reference this threat once further by telephone on or about March1/08 only days prior to my' receipt of this threatening email copied to *John McCain making threatening comments (Also as seen on



As Canadian citizens attacked in the United States as per the U.S. false flag operation called the "War on Terror" We now have documentary court evidence of U.S. government's unlawful and criminal attempts upon my mother and I's kidnapping http://july6kidnappingattem... in collusion with Canadian government judiciary and "Law Enforcement" following a profiling attack http://mothereyewitnessnwaa... my mother and I endured on board a Northwest Airlines http://nwaracialpersecution... flight in Minneapolis Minnesota as Canadian citizens visiting the U.S. in attendance at the Rochester Mayo Clinic for medical reasons.

The airline, Northwest Air, sued by the ACLU for racial profiling practices and hate based ideologies is tied to the Republican Party via 2008 G.O.P. presidential candidate John McCain http://tpmcafe.talkingpoint... - McCain's campaign co chair Fred Malick was former CEO of Northwest Air, a top financier of the Bush Presidential Library Foundation and campaigned heavily on behalf of the Bush administration during the H.W. Bush election 1988, 1992 and George W. Bush election 2004 Northwest Air was a top lobbyist http://barack-omaba-onmccai... for the McCain campaign was official carrier of the Republican party's campaign for their RNC convention- in Minneapolis Minnesota which saw some of the worst violations of 4th and 1st amendment rights and police brutalities of the decade*.

John McCain Northwest Airlines and the Republican party are tied also by the hate based bonds that bind them. as per hate based extremism through Sara Palan's placement of cross hairs over Democrat electoral ridings resulting in the shooting of Dem. Gabrielle Gifford in Arizona- home to Senator McCain by no small coincidence.. , as per John McCain's race hate campaign of 2008 as per MN Governor (and McCain Lobbyist) Tim Pawlenty's tirade and inflammatory 2002 political platform in which he likened foreign immigrants to "Terrorists Running Loose In Minnesota"; as per the tea party rallies, G.O.P. extremist sensationalism over "the Mosque at ground Zero" and other G.O.P. hate based scandals made notorious through the rantings of extremist demagogues of hate based G.O.P. ideology such as Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck and many others.

Noting McCain and Joe Libermann's Enemy belligerents legislation , which would entitle baseless arbitrary detentions and enhanced interrogations on U.S. citizens and U.S. ostentatious presumptive and heinous "kidnapping Law" in which they give themselves the "authority" to kidnap foreign citizens abroad (Canada included) my mother and I as CANADIAN* citizens, have received threats upon our family from the FBI as copied to the attention of John McCain http://mccainconcerns.blogs... amidst a slew of attempts upon my abduction that took place during the election year- these attempts upon my abduction and threatening communications from FBI were representative of the Republican party's reactionary response to the deleterious effect our extensive online lobbying against Northwest Air was having on their election campaigning.

Said threatening communication from FBI copied McCain is embedded within our webpage at for public viewing. Same said agent who sent threatening communication also threatened my mother's life and my kidnapping against his association with the FBI and John McCain by way of telephone on Feb 14 2008 in the months following local police' first unlawful attempt upon my abduction October 27 2007. It was only the presence of our journalist Lesley Hughes (to whom I made emergency phone call ) that prevented the first attempt upon my illegal render to the U.S. from having been successful. Ultimately, I was forced into hiding and into extreme desperate conditions cut off from family for the greater part of the election year, while forced to do online updates from proxy server to conceal location.

Within court* documents in our possession we have a signed confession from the FBI, providing their own attest to the judicial fraud we have endured their unlawful "secret dealings" with local Canadian intelligence judicial governmental and law enforcement agencies, our subjugation to illegitimate covert kangaroo court trial -an extrajudicial persecution and mockery of justice which we have endured, their (the FBI's) obstruction of justice and heinous attempts upon our abduction http://www.defraudingameric... as per FBI's collusion with U.S. Marshals, and both U.S. and Canadian governmental agencies http://govtabandondocumente... - all as explicitly delineated and expressed within FBI's said affidavit sworn before Washington particular to or ordeal. Said confession is copied from P.I./FBI asset Steven C. Davis to our attorney, and copied also to 81st Washington U.S. attorney general Michael Mukasey ( Washington's attorney General in office prior to new attorney general Eric Holder under the Obama administration).

The attempts upon our abduction are exemplary of agencies involved (FBI, CIA etc. ) in attempting to silence our online voices of protest http://james-press.blogspot... against the the original racial profiling attack we sustained http://mothereyewitnessnwaa... in Minnesota as Canadian citizens visiting the U.S. for medical consultation at Rochester MN's Mayo Clinic as well as our protests of the fallout thereafter: the media character assassination ploys endured as extension of the Republican party's desperate and shameless bid to secure public image and financial/political investments in Corporation Northwest Airlines as tied to their political campaigning and bid in the election, as well as the gauntlet of FBI/CIA driven extrajudicial persecution criminal harassment threats and intimidation endured thereafter which to date encompass a myriad and exhaustive array of Machevalian ploys plots and subplots too numerous to count, and all as designed towards our family's harm.
FBI's deep involvement in said clandestine operations upon our family follows in that Northwest Air is closely connected to the FBI in the release of millions of PNR's (passenger name records) to the FBI in the development of the CAPS (Computer Assisted Profiling System) in 1996. - noting that the development of this racial profiling system came well before 9/11...

Article from epic(dot)org reads, "Northwest Airlines provided information on millions of passengers for a secret U.S. government air security project soon after the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks, raising fresh concerns among some privacy advocates about the airlines' use of confidential consumer data. The nation's fourth-largest carrier publicly asserted in September that it 'did not provide that type of information to anyone.' But Northwest acknowledged Friday it had already turned over three months of reservation data to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Ames Research Center by that point." So what you're saying is that Northwest out-and-out lied. Nice. You know - is it any wonder that people don't trust Big Anything anymore?"

My mother and I had gone to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota as Canadian citizens in seek of medical attention to an injury I had sustained to my arm. During the 6 months prior to our arrival, as extension of the CAPS system, the airport had undergone an extensive racial profiling course (BPR) brought in under Ron Rafi, former head of security at Ben Gurion Airport Tel-Aviv Israel. According to the Council on Global Rights and Human Justice the BPR program targets those who appear to be of black or Muslim ethnicity. Concordently their are 21 people of color imprisoned for every person of majority in Minneapolis and the FBI have become notorious for profiling those who are of ethnic diversity particularly in that state (MN has the highest per capita ratio of Somalis, and as such MN was chosen as the pioneer site for the prejudicial BPR program)
There were several further attacks that took place at this same airport that same year, an attack upon the 6 Imams and an attack upon 130 lb MN opera violinist David Orsack. Officer Brad Wingate #4289, of the MN Airport police was involved in both such attacks as that upon our persons whereas, as attest to the mental instability brought upon within TSA as a result of the racial profiling program instilled, Junior F/A Sherrie Caudill, the NWA agent responsible for the initial harassment we endured aboard Northwest as prelude to the violent assault, is on record at trial at having stated "We are trained to KILL before we are killed" whereas Officer Alvin J. Cooper #4215, who refrained from involvement in the attack, properly referred to my mother and I as "THE VICTIM*" on stand.
Following the profiling attack we were subject to extrajudicial persecution and judicial tyranny in the U.S. following which we lobbied online against Northwest the attack sustained, and the judicial tyranny and threats under which we were afflicted thereafter.

Due to the connections between Northwest Airlines and the Republican party, multiple attempts upon my abduction ensued during the election year so as to silence my mother and I's online voice of protest.

Agent Davis sent our family a threatening email copied to John McCain threatening our family upon our lives Davis has also threatened the life of my mother in same stead.

Local Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill and the Winnipeg Police have been acting as a Canadian proxy for FBI agent Davis, the Republican party and Northwest Airlines in the multiple attempts made on my abduction and threats issued our family. Winnipeg Police Chief McCaskill as detailed in his BIO, is "a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy, and of the Canadian Police College’s Senior Police Administration Course and Executive Development Course. He was elected President of the FBI National Academy Associates North West Chapter representing law enforcement officers from South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba, and has been active on numerous boards and committees."

In agent Davis' Affidavit : Prior to the threatening communication Davis copied McCain, FBI agent Steven Davis attempted to con our attorney into by suggesting he was a private investigator willing to advocate on our behalf and submitted to our attorney a "Friend of the Court" Affidavit in which he confesses to
*Judicial fraud as particular to all dealings of the FBI and Courts particular to our person
*Winnipeg Police secret dealings with the FBI.
*U.S. Marshal Kelly Mutschler's intent upon my kidnapping.
*His (Davis') contact with many government figures in both Canada and the U.S.
(notice the affidavit is copied to FBI, U.S. Marshals, 81st U.S. attorney General for WASHINGTON D.C. Michael Mukasey; and our attorney (Adam Masiowski of Pinx Law)

Why did he confess all above cited illegal activity on part of government and police?: Answer: It was anticipated that this information would not fall upon public eyes (in light of the multiple attempts upon my abduction made thereafter after our attorney rejected Davis affidavit which had been made in bade faith. (The threatening email copied McCain would come 2 weeks later as of March 4 2008)

Aaron James 204 452 5967
Linda James 2048899134

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill Caught Lying About Feigning No Knowledge of Our ordeal

V/S See Winnipeg Police documents signed by Winnipeg Police Chief keith McCaskill!
See Winnipeg Police Chief McCaskill's personal signature on documentation regarding our ordeal on page 2/2 below dated Jan 09 2008 well before the date of above recording!!! Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill is now caught up in lies regarding our ordeal- collusion with U.S. agencies re our kidnapping is overt.

Yet McCaskill (in audio above) told city councilor Smith he had no part of /was not aware of our ordeal?! McCaskill's lies and collusion with U.S. agencies is self evident.
McCaskill was very much a part of the collusion and acted as proxy for the FBI in McCaskill's capacity as "president of Northwest Chapter of associates FBI" as per his BIO:
McCaskill's bio states"

Keith is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy, and of the Canadian Police College’s Senior Police Administration Course and Executive Development Course. He was elected President of the FBI National Academy Associates North West Chapter representing law enforcement officers from South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba, and has been active on numerous boards and committees.

Keith will assume the role of Chief of Police on Monday, December 10, 2007."

City Councilor Harvey Smith's Letter of Address to Our Family re Winnipeg Police Malfeasance and Abduction Ploys

Winnipeg Police have made multiple attempts upon the abduction of member of our family -
our lives have been traumatized & we have suffered the full brunt
of lawless police state tyranny as now exacerbated further by a Police
Review board dominated by past members of WPS ;
Winnipeg Police 'out of control': Articles:

a police force so out of control that a prominent lawyer, a senior
Crown attorney, and a respected journalist all had reason to suspect
they were being watched by the police
Article reference #2:
"It is clear—and has been for some time—that the Winnipeg Police Force
are out of control. …
shooting of aboriginal youth Matthew Dumas … 1991
shooting of aboriginal leader JJ Harper…dropping drunk driving charges
against an off-duty officer who slammed into a car killing a woman last

Corruption in New Winnipeg Police Commission Review Board Meant to Provide Sanctuary to Winnipeg Police malfeasance: Articles Below:

Not only is the new police commission review board corrupt in capacity the
numerous members on the board having past history with RCMP and Winnipeg Police
(Joe Gallagher 29 years with the WPS, Sam Anderson former RCMP , Harley Grouette
RCMP 22 years...) but a layer of corruption still deeper and more sinister also
presents: Note that the police commission will not be investigative but only
policy-making ; It's function will be solely to establish the IIU ("Independent"
investigative unit) which will perform investigative functions into cases of
police misconduct involving deaths or serious injuries. Replacing the WPS
Professional Standards unit in it's function, the IIU will be comprised of
Active* and former WPS officers in its entirety* Summarily- nothing has changed!
This is the epitome of corrupted self-governance and circular tyranny that has
closed the doors to justice and provided sanctuary for scandalous police
malfeasance cover ups and brutalities throughout our history.

Of course this kind of circular tyranny, which is, in turn, exclusive to justice
and accountability, is well intentioned on the part of minister of "Justice" Mr.
Swan and Manitoba "Justice" as a whole. I would know-
Manitoba Justice is complicit along with local Winnipeg Police, in attempts
upon the unlawful abduction of member of my family and in same said capacity,
collusion with FBI, and other U.S. agencies. details:

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our appeal to Thich Naht Hanh Plum Village - Engaged Buddhism In practice of Opposition to Tyranny

click here to go to our ordeal online

Attention Brother Gerard Plum Village, Sister Monique Tessierr, Brother Radian Blue Cliff Monastery (Phap Huy) - and Thay- In the spirit of engaged Buddhist practice and opposition to calamity war government afflictions and suffering,
our family respectfully appeals to your graces in assisting us in dealing with 5 years longstanding government imposed afflictions and persecution upon our family which we now long endure at the hands of baseless hate based ideology and state tyranny-
tyranny that has threatened our family's lives and my abduction to torture.

We seek a freedom and relief from our suffering. Moreover, for purposes of personal safety, and the internal peace that will come from vindication retribution redemption and validation of our ordeal and our suffering as human beings, we seek a greater public awareness of our ordeal as one that serves as a microcosm of and highlights larger spectrum systemic state abuses as described further below. State abuses that have become so prevalent that our local journalist has informed us that these abuses now have their own term: SCAD or "State Crimes Against Democracy" as seen below.

Details of our ordeal

Our journalist Lesley Hughes has forwarded me a copy of Project Censored's report on SCAD (a new term called "State Crimes against Democracy")
It is a subject contained within the scope of Project Censored's Censored 2011 Edition - as our journalist Lesley Hughes describes, it covers state abuses ranging from abductions (as in our case) to the transport of abductees to secret black site prisons not only around the world - but also within* the United States!!
(Please see PDF on SCAD here:

using the search button search for the word "Scad": 7 results will display indicating sections of the document in which State Crimes against Democracy are described***)

- as our journalist Lesley Hughes explains this is a cutting edge new term that shines a light and provided a much needed term for the kind of abuses we continue to suffer). As seen further below, Lesley intends to write a book review going into the details of SCAD and publish it in an upcoming edition of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Many to whom I have sent this communication will know that my abduction to torture has been threatened by members of the agencies amidst multiple attempts upon the abduction of my person has been carried out notwithstanding the accompaniment therein of threats upon my mother's life and my family. Many whom are familiar with our ordeal will know that the reason that our family bore these afflictions was result of our having been targeted under racial and religious profiling mechanisms kindred with the United States of America's false flag abuses known as "The War on Terror" and a racial profiling program under which TSA agents at United States Minneapolis' Bloomingdale Airport had just undergone in the 6 months prior to our arrival in the U.S. as Canadian citizens traveling to the Mayo clinic in Rochester MN for medical consultation.

On our return trip back to Canada TSA agents egregiously accused my mother of harboring a suspicious bag after* we had already passed through the security gates and were already on board the plane- I was later attacked on board the aircraft and left bloodied, held 9 days without Miranda, my phone calling card made defunct while subject to FBI interrogation, while Canadian Consular officials told me over the phone "let us know if they torture you although we will not be involved this is a U.S. affair"

The attack was a retaliatory response to our having complained about the treatment of our baggage on our way down to Mayo Clinic from Canada 3 days prior in which Northwest Airlines had lied to us about having "misplaced" our belongings wherein, delivered to our hotel 3 hours later, we discovered it had been seized and searched for "security" reasons- In MN, the state in which there is the highest targeting of blacks and Somalis and 21 people of color imprisoned for every person of majority, it had become clear we had been racially profiled.

Subsequent to the racial profiling attack we were subject to extrajudicial persecution- a covert trial more like tribunal in which false charges were laid and the jury pool housed members and or affiliates of Northwest Airlines, FBI, military and other agencies.
My name was thereafter placed on in order to falsely villanize us further under their false propaganda and hate based ideology.

Subsequently, we protested the abuses and ultimately, reactionary response to our online protests manifested in threatening communications from self identifying FBI and other U.S. agencies as posted to our youtube and blogger accounts, and ultimately, in multiple attempts upon my abduction during the 2008 election year forcing me into hiding in remote and harsh conditions, often devoid of proper light or heat or food - I became cut off from family and uncertain of their own survival given threats that agencies had made upon their persons as well, which made the isolation even more difficult as it was compounded by constant worry about loved ones. Court records reveal that these crimes against our family involve collusion between members of both U.S. and Canadian government agencies as is reflected within court documents and police notes subpoenaed in court hearings investigating these matters thereafter.

Ultimately, when I pointed to the placement of my name on during interview I conducted from undisclosed location as evidence of covert state abuses ongoing, within 24 hours my name had been removed from their listings and our former website destroyed and taken down, in order to conceal their actions further.

As our journalist Lesley Hughes attests, the agencies had gone so far as to place someone on CBC television who stole and assumed my identity at the beginning of the election year, providing a watered down story that gave mention of none of the state abuses described herein. In this way, the story could be quickly forgotten and the light of public scrutiny removed, in order that the agencies involved could act under a greater degree of stealth in their pursuits of still further harm to come upon our family in covering up and providing occlusion to their crimes.

Northwest Airlines (the airline on which my mother and I were profiled and then attacked) was the official carrier for the Republican Party's McCain campaign of 2008. Northwest Air was a top lobbyist. Northwest Airlines former CEO Fred Malick was John McCain's campaign Co-Chair and remains a top financier of the Bush Library Foundation as well as having lobbied heavily on behalf of the Bush administration in their 1988, 1992 and 2004 elections.

This is relevant because during the peak of government's attempts upon our family's lives amidst the election year, our family received a threatening communication from FBI copied to the attention of John McCain! This was by far the most alarming of the threatening communications we received from the agencies at large. Even more disturbing was the threatening phone call that came with it in which agent of the FBI threatened my abduction to torture and made threats upon my mother's life.

Court records and subpoena of local police notes (local police were being used to facilitate government's many attempts upon my abduction from my home until I was ultimately forced into hiding) reveal collusion between local Winnipeg Police, FBI, U.S. Marshals, Canadian Parliamentary Security, Immigration Canada and other agencies. The name Peter MacKay, current Minister of Defense and past Minister of Foreign Affairs (the agency that had passively reconciled me to torture "Let us know if they torture you " they had said) appears on several documents particular to our ordeal in which it is clear government make concerted attempt to cover up the nuances of our ordeal still further.

Winnipeg Police are motivated further in that local Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill is president of the Northwest Chapter of Associates FBI, and has affiliation with Minneapolis law enforcement as seen in his Biography online. As such local police have been surreptitiously co-opted to act stealthily (and unlawfully) towards the advent of my abduction to the United States.
When asked if he knew anything of our ordeal, Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill told city councilor Harvey Smith he did not, and yet McCaskill's personal signature appears on the second page of a two page denial of Freedom Of Information Access request returned to our attorney Adam Masiowski of Pinx Law who had originally requested that police release to us police notes particular to October 27 2007 (the date marking their first attempt upon my abduction). Though the Winnipeg Police Chief was difficult in initially refusing these notes, later when subpoenaed in court, these notes revealed police' collusion with government and U.S. agencies as described and confirm the ongoing plots and ploys government arrange with an aim to harm our family further and conceal their crimes. When police first came to make attempt upon my abduction October 27 2007 my home was raided I was kidnapped and transported to police headquarters at the "public Safety" building, where I was denied water and food for 12 hours. During that time, police taunted me stating "OUR BOSS*** (most likely McCaskill) says Minneapolis has unfinished business with you- We have Minneapolis Police come up here to train all the time! He says maybe we should leave you here locked up long enough for one of them to come up and get* you! Would you like that?!"

Our journalist is hopeful in that this new term "SCAD" (State Crimes Against Democracy) conjures a tangible publicly acknowledged term to designate the kind of state abuse our family has suffered at the hands of U.S. agencies for years, the extraordinary subject matter of which has always been subject to public disbelief and ridicule out of ignorance - More recently we have uncovered new evidence that will work in tandem with the new public awareness of SCAD- a signed confession from the FBI copied to Washington in which P.I./FBI asset agent Steven C. Davis attests to the abuses the FBI and State have inflicted upon our family in keeping with the ideology described in project Censored's new book Censored 2011 in which SCAD (State Crimes against Democracy) is of new central issue.

Details of our ordeal can be found here:

A recent update on State Crimes Against Democracy particular to our ordeal has been graciously provided by Michelle Gross President of Communities United Against Police Brutality and can be found here:
"THE FAR REACH OF US POLICE STATE REPRESSION...Apparently the feds have way too many agents and not enough real crime to worry about. While some agents were busy abusing their power against our local activists, others were working in cahoots with the Winnipeg police department to continue the ongoing harassment of Aaron James. We've told you about Aaron's story in past editions of the newsletter. Aaron is a multiethnic Canadian citizen who happens to have been unfortunate enough to fly on Northwest Airlines back in January 2006 right after one of their nitwit flight attendants had her "how to recognize a terrorist" training... He also had the
misfortune of needing to use the restroom as the
plane was boarding. He left his backpack on the
seat next to his mother, who is white, and by the
time he tried to get back to his seat, he was
greeted by a whole group of Minneapolis cops who
threw him to the ground, beat and stomped him and
then charged him with federal offenses. In a
clearly biased trial that included relatives of
Northwest Airlines staff and cops on the jury,
Aaron was convicted. Although he had come to
Minnesota to be seen at Mayo clinic for a serious
injury, he and his mother were forced to go back
to Winnipeg by bus, as he was banned from all US flights.

Aaron thought his own government would stand up
for his rights against US tyranny but he would
soon learn that was wrong. In the years since
his conviction, he has endured multiple
warrantless raids on his house, arrests, and
attempts to abduct and forcibly extradite him to
the US. During one of the raids, two ornamental
Japanese swords (wall hangings) were taken by
Winnepeg police and sent to the Minneapolis
police department. When ordered to return his
property, cops claimed they never took it. Why?
Because after Aaron returned to Canada, he
started putting up websites and blogging about
what happened to him in the US. His websites
have been repeatedly taken down, the content
hijacked, his URLs redirected to racist websites, etc.

For a long time, Aaron had a hard time getting
people to believe what was happening to him
though a few journalists have stepped forward to
report on his case. Recently, though, he
obtained proof of FBI collusion with Winnipeg
police. FBI agent Marc Rensch and US Marshall
Kelly Mutschler had claimed to the Winnipeg cops
that Aaron had two arrest warrants in the US (he
doesn't) and they seem to be on a personal
mission to bring Aaron to the US. Just last week,
Aaron was in a coffee shop meeting with a
journalist when he noticed a man watching
him. He and the journalist moved three times,
only to have the man follow them and sit at
adjoining tables. After Aaron took his picture,
the man identified himself as a US marine.

The antiwar activists who face grand jury
subpoenas have bravely resisted and have received
an enormous outpouring of support from people
around the country. Aaron has largely battled
the repression he has faced on his own. Please
support all people facing police state
repression. To learn more about the antiwar
activists facing grand jury subpoenas, go to
<> and to learn more about
Aaron's case, go to


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From: Aaron James <>
Date: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 2:33 PM
Subject: Regarding Project Censored, PGCbooks, Seven Stories and Censored 2011 PDF - Thank you so much Lesley!
To: Lesley Hughes <>

Hi Lesley, I have downloaded the PDF.

The PDF is now within my hands and many thanks to you for having sent it to our attention- many thanks for having kept us in your mind and in your heart in this way throughout your own affairs- it really means a lot!! .

On another note, regarding our past conversation on Project Censored and Sonoma, it was Peter Phillips to whom I spoke (his name is below) - this is the individual whom had said he was "put off" by the presentation style of our material (particular to my adornment of a swastika over the face of John McCain- in which I make a public statement of the state tyranny under which those connected to McCain and the Republican party have subject us in order to silence our online voices of protest against the racial profiling attack my mother and I endured aboard Northwest Airlines- the official carrier for the McCain campaign, and the abduction ploys under which we were assailed thereafter during the election year as per the Republican Party's bid to silence our voices of protest for political reasons as tied to the elections). I observed that he chose not to return my calls from that point forward. He can be reached at (707) 874-2695 or by email at peterprojectcensored(dot)org

If you feel we should meet at some point in the future simply let us know either by email or telephone.
Aaron James.

Let me know that you have rec'd this when you can......

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From: Veronica Liu <>
Sent: Wed, January 5, 2011 11:37:38 AM
Subject: Re: censored 2011

Hi Lesley,

The PDF of the Censored 2011 text is attached. Please let me know if you have any problems with the file.


On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 1:59 PM, Crystal Yakacki <> wrote:

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 1:54 PM, Jennifer Lynch <> wrote:
Hi Lesley,
I've cc'd Crystal, the publicist from Seven Stories. She'll be able to sort this all out
directly with you!

Lesley Hughes <> writes:
>Sure,let's try it. Haven't actually done that before....where do we start?
>----- Original Message ----
>From: Jennifer Lynch <>
>To: Lesley Hughes <>
>Sent: Wed, January 5, 2011 10:44:18 AM
>Subject: Re: censored 2011
>would you take a pdf? then we could follow up with the book?
>Lesley Hughes <lesleyhughescanada> writes:
>>Hi Jennifer!'s
>>Lesley Hughes
>>R3T 4A2
>>The review will appear in the Winnipeg Free Press...can you let me know if you
>>hear from them?
>>Again, warmest thanks! Lesley
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>>From: Jennifer Lynch <>
>>Sent: Wed, January 5, 2011 10:21:22 AM
>>Subject: censored 2011
>>Hi Lesley,
>>I've sent Seven Stories an urgent email. Could I get your address? I realize
>>we'll need
>>Jennifer Lynch | Publicist
>>Publishers Group Canada | 402-559 College St Toronto, ON M6G 1A9
>>ph. 416-934-9900 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 416-934-9900 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext 202 | fx. 416-934-1410
>> |

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 12:28 PM, Lesley Hughes <lesleyhughescanada> wrote:
electronic copy was harder than I thought it would be. Lesley

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Subject: Project Censored Tune in April 7 on at 8 A.M. (left coast time- 94.1 FM in the SF Bay Area)

Dear Friends of KPFA and Project Censored,
Project Censored Tune in April 7 on at 8 A.M. (left coast time- 94.1 FM in the SF Bay Area) for Project Censored on the Morning Mix- with Peter Phillips in discussion with Cynthia Boaz, professor of Political Science, Sonoma State University, as they interview Keith McHenry co-founder of Food Not Bombs, and Immigrant Rights Attorney Richard Coshnear, who is on a hunger strike in Sonoma County.


Peter Phillips
Co-Host of the Project Censored Morning Mix Show President: Media Freedom Foundation

Mickey Huff,
Director Project Censored/Media Freedom Foundation Co-Host of the Project Censored Morning Mix Show



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