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Kidnap Tyranny Updates

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U.S. Northwest Airlines racial profiling attack spawns Cross Border Kidnap Ploys Upon Our Canadian Family Meant to Silence Our voices of Protest*: Summary Reports Follow:Original Racial Profiling Assault *Summary Account up to first Kidnap Attempt *Political Macrocosm Analysis of Our Ordeal *Abduction Attempts Continue *U.S. Says Kidnapping is LEGAL!! *Court Documents for Review *Targeted by the FBI and CIA-an overview *Targeted by the FBI/ Judicial tyranny *FBI's Collusion with Dept Justice re Judicial Tyranny *Holding Government Accountable
;FBI Asset/P.I.Steven C. Davis Swears Affidavit Before Washington Attesting to FBI's Complicity in Unlawful Abduction Ploys

*Threatening email copied John McCain sent our family from FBI *Corporate ties between McCain Bush Admin. & Northwest Air;  Further McCain/NWA Corporate ties;    Journalist Chris Andre of KBOO Radio Targeted by agencies for speaking out on our ordeal    KBOO reporter Chris Andre's original report on Government's destruction of our original website and kidnapping ploy thereafter!


In the seeking out of truth often one encounters many uncomfortable moments- moments that give rise to occasion for reflection on one's own concept of reality -what is true and what is false- Often a time those values and beliefs one holds dearest can be challenged at their most fundamental of levels and one is left with the choice to either bury head in the sand or accept the change and shift in paradigm and global perspective such new awareness brings. Our family for one,has gone through no less than monumental shift in paradigm with the stark revelation that Canada is not the country we once thought we knew- that it has become a backwater/Blackwater* dumping ground and geopolitical/corporate slave to U.S. oligarchical militancy and venues for global conquest - otherwise known as ''The War on Terror''. Even as native-born Canadian citizens, Canada would not protect us from the onslaught of U.S. statism-driven barbarianism,leaving us bereft to the vices of kidnap and torture, while many public figures within the Harper government and Canadian office including Peter MacKay himself, have had very dubious parts to play in a fiasco centered about my unlawful politically motivated abduction and targeting of our family that has culminated in the psychological and emotional torture and torment we have collectively endured now 5 years ongoing. As such, we would welcome the opportunity to share this and other truths to the masses, many of whom as yet remain blind and deaf to the trepidations humanity has suffered as product of politically crafted social engineering; It is our hope-and faith-that in the sharing of these truths, that we can all benefit and grow within our mutual awareness consciousness and collective understanding while replacing from about ourselves the chains of hate repression and decadence with the ribbons of freedom and compassion for others as human beings that only such understanding can bring.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Press Release Part 4 of 6

U.S. Airline Racial Profiling Attack on Canadian Citizens Spawns Unlawful/Covert Cross Border Kidnapping Ploys in Canada on behalf of U.S. through local policing agencies.

Press release Part 4 of 6 - U.S. profiling attack spawns abduction ploys in Canada (see Part 2 of 4 for our Summary report attachment)
Our affidavits:#1,#2; (click to go to our affidavits.)

Winnipeg Police /LERA Kidnapping Collusion- Winnipeg Police deny intent to abduct on the same day that LERA (law enforcement review agency) refuses to assist our family! (Aug 13 2008) even as the attempts upon my abduction continue!

Minister of Justice David Chomiak's Collusion with Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill: When we filed complaint with the Minister of "Justice" he deflected our complaint back into the hands of the Winnipeg Police and the offending division (11) responsible for working with Chief McCaskill to the advent of my abduction to the United States! Agent Davis admits to having spoken at length with David Chomiak in his FBI affidavit!-click here;
Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill is president of Northwest Chapter of associates FBI as per his BIO:

Our attorney sends letter of warning to all* sergeants in the Winnipeg Police force including Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill, warning police they will be charged and prosecuted if attempting my abduction to the United States <CLICK>
Threats re abduction & U.S. marshals made upon my mother* and in Winnipeg Police notes

TERROR FRAME UP ATTEMPT VIA FBI AND POLICE: Police and FBI create extremist websites and retroactively embed the URL of one of our former primary websites into the header in attempt to implicate our family with threats upon Canadian and U.S. officials- (used as attempt to manufacture synthetic malicious evidence for purpose of building case against me in the United States in the event of a successful attempt upon my abduction. -
Referring Links re Terror Frame up: (scroll up slightly to highlighted section#2 when you go to this html link please also see the following live active links as forensics evidence: (#1(click), #2(click), (#3 click) ) ; pdf; this online subterfuge and knavery took place only 1 month prior to the original attempt upon my abduction. The first attempt at my abduction via local "Police" failed due to the presence of our journalist Lesley Hughes who has done article and radio interview with us over the years. Police excuse "We thought there was an outstanding disturb peace allegation against James but now we realize it has expired" (a disturb peace allegation is insufficient grounds to conduct a home arrest- no less a home invasion - multiple threats upon my abduction were issued to me by police while I was held 12 hours without food or water in solitary confinement that day (October 27 2007), and upon my release police threatened they would "be back for me next week". I spent the greater part of the election year forced into hiding in extreme and remote locations cut off from family.

Nefarious background of FBI agent Steven Davis

Same FBI names found in threatening Winnipeg Police notes as were found in FBI agent Davis' FBI Affidavit attesting to secret dealings between FBI and Winnipeg Police to the advent of my abduction. <here-click>

Summary/ FBI's persecution upon our family.

Threats we received from the FBI on our youtube and blogger accounts in the months prior to the initial attempt upon my abduction:

Cyber Threats:
FBI Cyber Threats Agent Rensch:

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